All About Natural Penis Enlargement Exercises


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It is said that these workouts were discovered thousands of years ago in the Middle East. They have been used by countless men to increase the size of their manhood over many millenniums, but do they really work?

You may have read that enhancing of your manhood with exercise is simply not possible – but you should be aware that many myths are being repeated by unscrupulous companies selling expensive and useless enhancement products. We have recently published interesting article about these myths here:

“These work because they encourage cell growth within cell walls of your dick.”

What you may not know, is the fact that in the 1970s medical doctors decided to research penile workouts to see if there really provided any benefits. The results showed that exercising the manhood will increase its length and girth only when these are performed regularly. Other benefits of penile exercise include having more stamina and endurance in bed and also gaining more control over your ejaculation. Many test subjects also reported harder erections, and it is believed that these can even help prevent prostrate problems.

The organ that men are most proud of consists of three chambers; of which two are large and one is small. When a man is aroused the large chambers fill with blood, and this makes it erect. (If you are interested in anatomy of erection and your dick, you may read more in our latest article here: When the chambers are completely filled it has achieved its maximum size. Working out your cock gradually increase the capacity of its chambers, so they hold a higher blood volume, and thus your measurements increase permanently. Results will begin to show within a few weeks and after round two months it is quite a bit cool to have gained between one to three inches in length, as well as a wider girth.

Facts About Penile Workouts

Does Working Out Really Work?

Just like exercising any other part of the body, these workouts will make your dick larger and more toned, therefore increasing its width and length. Enlarging its chambers allows them to hold more blood when you have an erection increasing your maximum size, it is a simple formula but it works!

Are These Safe?

Yes, they are safe to do and there are not any known dangers providing you follow some simple techniques correctly. A good guide will show you exactly how to exercise your manhood, and doctors endorse using these workouts as a way of gaining inches naturally and safely.

Can Anybody Use Them?

In a few rare cases a physician will recommend that you do not follow these. If you have advanced diabetes or Peyronies, which is a condition that leads to very bent and painful erections your doctor will advise that you do not try to increase the size of your dick with working out. What is more, many men suffer from slight curvature, and even if you’re one of these it is safe to use penile exercises; in fact it may cure the curvature.

Please note: If you have any doubts about your health and doing penile workouts, consult with your doctor or physician!

How Long Before I Will See Change?

Just like with everything else results will vary due to the fact that everyone is different. Some men see changes almost immediately after they begin exercising, whereas others may not notice anything visible for a few weeks. However, it is very unlikely that you will not be satisfied with outcomes after 30 days, and maximum benefits usually occur at around 40 day mark.

What Results Can I Hope To See?

The first thing you will notice is that your erection is firmer and wider after exercising for a few weeks. Even when in the flaccid state, your “stick” will also appear more full. As changes will begin to become visible to your eye, there is high chance that you will also notice that you are able to last longer in bed and have more control over your ejaculation.

Please Note: This natural program to add inches had helped me a lot in my efforts to enlarge mine dick. You can read more about it on its official website: Easy-To-Follow Enlargement Exercises.

Do I Have To Continue Working Out To Maintain Gained Inches?

Once you have increased your penile size it will never return to its original as you permanently rebuilt cells within your cock. While penile exercising is similar to working out in a gym, your dick is not a muscle so when you stop exercising it after a while the gains will remain permanent.

What Is The Best Age To Start These Workouts?

As long as you are in good health you are never too old to begin exercising your manhood. However you should be at least 18 years old before you start.

Are These Difficult To Accomplish?

Working on the growth of your stick is easy once you become used to the methods. A good guide like Penis Advantage will give you detailed description of each technique with photos of how you should manipulate your dick as well as written text guides and possibly some videos. Once you have gone through the techniques a few times you will find out that the whole process is very easy. You can read our review of this program here:

Is There A Guarantee?

Depending on the enlargement exercise program you choose, you may be offered a guarantee if results are not what you expect. There are plenty of companies that do provide this guarantee, as they can do so knowing in good faith that their programs produce excellent results for the large majority of their customers.

I can recommend you one all natural enhancement guide called Penis Advantage, that comes with no-ask, full-price money back guarantee. You can find more information about it through link in the menu under the banner of this website.

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