Sex Tips: Positions For “Below-The-Average” Sized Men

First and foremost, having a small penis is nothing to be ashamed about. It is a fact of life that shouldn’t chip away at your confidence before or during sex. Although a woman probably prefers a man with a larger one, there is no reason why one can’t achieve the same “end result” no matter his length. So if you’re a dude who happens to have a small cock, don’t worry because there are a few sex positions that you can use to dramatically increase pleasure for both you and your partner.

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Rear Entry Positions

Penetrations “from behind” are great for men with shorter penises, mainly because they allow for much more depth during sex. Essentially, your girl would start by getting on her arms and legs with her chest resting on the bed. She should poke her face out to the side so that she can breathe.

If you’re familiar with yoga then this posture would highly resemble that of the “Child’s Pose”. With her butt high in the air, you would be able to gain much deeper entry into his lover. One of the main reasons why it works for guys with shorter dicks is because her vagina is fully extended so full penetration is much, much easier.

Rear Entry Variations

If you want to change things up from behind then you can try out a few variations. One that you could try is having her lie flat on her stomach while keeping her legs together. You would then lay on top of her until your weight is evenly distributed over hers. She should then slightly tilt her pelvis to provide easier access to the vagina.

This is another great posture for men with shorter penises because it really provides the male to control the thrusting and flow of the action. And since her thighs are much closer together than usual, both partners will experience a tighter “fit”. While this can be a rather exciting and pleasurable position, it can also be difficult to accomplish.

The Tortoise

As the name would infer, the tortoise is all about slow, sensual thrusts that gain deep penetration. Not to mention, it can be incredibly exciting to experience. And while both you and your partner may find it a little difficult at first, the truth is that it becomes much easier with practice. With this posture, allow the woman to lie down flat on her stomach.

Straddle her from behind until you have evenly distributed your weight on top of hers (as before). The only difference with this one is that she is going to keep your legs closed without lifting her pelvis into the air. What is more, this works very well for men with smaller penises since it allows for deeper penetration and comfort for both partners.

  • Why Dudes Love it: Men love the Tortoise because it allows them to feel in control. If you have a smaller-than-average penis then this position will really allow you to compensate while pleasing girl that you are with. What is more, you’ll have more control over her legs and how far you’d like them spread apart.
  • Why Women Love it: Women love it because it allows them to relinquish all control to you. Plus, she will be able to access her own clitoris and stimulate it while being penetrated from behind. Even if you have smaller cock, you will still be able to make her very happy in bed. Perhaps this is the reason why the Tortoise is so popular for so many people.
  • Variations: You can try to use your forearms to raise your elevation so that you can provide your partner with much deeper penetration. You can also lie flat on top of her while simultaneously grasping her breasts. At this point, you could whisper into her ear while providing her with direct stimulation.
  • Drawbacks: One of the only drawbacks to this posture is that a heavier top partner could really hurt a bottom partner. It is a good for those of you who have the upper body strength needed to keep their bodies elevated. Experts suggest using dirty talk to heighten the pleasure for both you and the woman.

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The Lady’s Squeeze

There is nothing more passionate than a guy on top and the Lady’s Squeeze is the perfect posture for those of you who have shorter penises. To achieve this, you should place most of your weight on your heels while she is lying on her back.

At this point, he will lift her buttocks and penetrate her vagina. Consequently, she will place both of her legs towards her shoulders as you begin to stimulate her in a rhythmic penetration motion. You can help her out by stabilizing her calf on your shoulders.

  • Why It Works: One reason why this works so well is because it allows for very deep penetration and it isn’t particularly exhausting for either party. It is essentially the missionary but with a twist and can allow a couple to maintain passion during sex. Keep in mind that you would still be able to kiss, grab breasts, and engage in dirty talk with your partner when using the Lady’s Squeeze.

Missionary Variations

Let’s take a look at the Missionary as well as the many variations that you could utilize:

  • Basic: This position would require your partner to lie down on her back with her thighs spread open and you penetrating her from the front. While this is quite common, it can be a good way to gain deeper access into a her vagina.
  • Legs of Victory: With this variation, the woman would want to extend her legs all the way towards the ceiling. And while keeping them straight, the man would penetrate her while simultaneously helping her with support her weight.
  • Vice: This is for couples who want to avoid the passive route. Basically, this would require her to wrap her thighs around you while in the missionary posture so that she can have more control over his movement.
  • Leg Up: Basically, this would entail her to take one leg and place it completely behind her head. This is one of the better postures for men with smaller dicks since it allows for complete penetration and control during sex.

There are few benefits associated with the missionary position and its variations. But do keep in mind that fellas with shorter cocks should be utilizing a very specific rhythm to further increase the pleasure between themselves and their partner. Let’s take a look at what that rhythm would look like:

  1. 9 Shallow Strokes.
  2. 2 Deep Strokes.
  3. 8 Shallow Strokes.
  4. 3 Deep Strokes.
  5. 7 Shallow Strokes.
  6. 4 Deep Strokes.

Can you see the pattern? This rhythm, combined with the positions above, can dramatically increase the pleasure that a man with a shorter dick is able to deliver to a woman. So, if you’re “shorter” dude then there is no need to despair. Applying those postures described in this article will allow you to please your girl just as well, if not better than a much larger dude.

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